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Maharaja Agrasen Ji

Maharaja Agrasen was born as the eldest son to the Suryavanshi King Ballabh of Pratpnagar, about 5185 years ago, during the Dwapar Yug. Maharaja Agrasen was a Kshatriya and a Suryavanshi and was the elder brother of Shursen Vrishni and elder grandfather of Shri Balrama and Shri Krishna Vrishni born during the last stages of the Dwapar Yuga. The young Prince Agrasen was an icon of non-violence, the messenger of peace and well known for his compassion. Hindu mythology says that the King of the Devas, Indra wanted to marry Queen Madhavi, the wife of Agrasen and waged a long war. Eventually, Narada negotiated peace between them. Agrasen was moved by the suffering of his subjects during the war.

According to the current calendar about 5185 years ago during the last stages of Dwapar Yuga Emperor Agrasen was the born as the first son of King Vallabh Ji and grandson of Maharaja Mahindra of Pratapnagar, a Kshatriya from Suryavansh (called Suryavanshi – lineage from the Sun). The young Prince Agrasen was an icon of non-violence, the messenger of peace, an embodiment of Sacrifice, Compassion, Non-Violence, Peace, Prosperity and a True Socialist, and well known for his compassion. As a young prince, he attended the swyamvara of the daughter of the King Kumud, Princess Madhavi from Naagavansh (called Naagavanshi). Princess Madhavi selected Prince Agrasen for marriage, by putting the garland on him, thus became his wife. Indra, the King of the Devas had been smitten by the beauty of Princess Madhavi and wanted to get married to princess Madhavi when Madhavi selected prince Agrasen to marry her, Indra became very jealous and angry with the couple. To get revenge against Agrasen, Indra – as he was also the Lord of Rain, made sure that Pratap Nagar did not receive any rainfall. As a result, a frightening famine struck the Pratapnagar kingdom. Prince Agrasen then waged war against Indra, and with dharma on his side, his army defeated Indra’s army. Then Narada (the celestial sage) mediated peace between Indra and prince Agrasen. On Narada’s suggestion, Agrasen started a severe penance to propitiate Lord Shiva. Pleased with the penance of Agrasen, Lord Shiva appeared and advised him to propitiate Goddess Mahalakshmi. Then Agrasen again started meditating on Goddess Mahalakshmi, who appeared and blessed Agrasen and suggested that he take up the tradition of business/trade for the sake of prosperity of his people. She then asked him to found a new kingdom and promised that she would bless his descendants with prosperity. With Blessings of Mahalakshmi, he builds a very wealthy and developed kingdom at that time. “Agroha”, the capital of his regime is today regarded as a holy place by all Agrawal’s family.

Prinicples of Maharaja Agrasen Ji

Simple and practical principles were laid down for the equality, love & affection among people of the domain. He was the first ruler who established socialism in his regime. According to legend, Agroha was a prosperous city and a hundred thousand traders lived in the city during its heyday. An insolvent community man as well as an immigrant wishing to settle in the city would be given “One Rupee & One Brick” by each inhabitant of the city. Thus, he would have a hundred thousand bricks to build a house for himself, and a hundred thousand rupees to start a new business. Therefore, no one was unemployed in his regime and everyone was having their own homes. There could be no other better practical principle of socialism of humanity than this. These principles became practical in his kingdom, as give and take was the formula in the life of every ordinary resident. Neither the receiver felt shamed nor the donator felt proud. Feelings of social welfare and brotherhood were the fundamentals of the principle. There was no place for corruption on selfishness in the kingdom. The development of the kingdom and life of people were completely based on agriculture, trade & dairy.